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Mushan island is located in the center of Chaohu Lake in Chaohu City, Hefei City, Anhui Province. It is the largest island in the lake. Its topography is elliptical, with a circumference of about 4 kilometers, an area of 1 square kilometer and the highest elevation of 115 meters. Known for its magical, beautiful and unparalleled ecological environment, it is the core scenic spot of Chaohu Lake tourist area, as well as a famous tourist area in central Anhui.

Mushan Island is located in the southwest of Zhongmiao Street in Chaohu City. It is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. Its shape is roughly spindle-shaped. The forest on the island is lush and evergreen all the year round, such as green snail floating water. Grandma Mountain is surrounded by water, like a leaf floating in the water. It is the only "oasis on the lake" of Chaohu Lake, which is the first resort of Chaohu Lake. Legend has it that when "trapped in Chaozhou", Jiao Grandma was a neighbor who saved her hometown. She was swallowed up by the flood and turned into a mountain, which later generations called "Grandma Mountain".

In February 2016, according to the national standards of "Classification and Evaluation of Quality Grades of Tourist Scenic Spots" and "Measures for the Management of Quality Grades of Tourist Scenic Spots", and recommended by the relevant city's Tourist Scenic Spots Quality Grade Assessment Institutions, the Anhui Tourist Scenic Spots Quality Grade Assessment Committee organized to assess the Zhongmiao Grandshan Island Scenic Spot in Hefei as a national 4A level. Tourist attractions. Granshan Island is composed of crystalline tuff and andesite. The vegetation coverage of the island's mountainous areas is over 80%. Black pine, bamboo, Chinese fir and chestnut forests are the main vegetation types. The mountains are rich in natural resources, such as loquat, pomegranate, citrus and tea.

Mushan is the largest island in Chaohu Lake. It is 3.5 kilometers away from Zhongmiao on the North bank. It covers a total area of more than 1300 mu. Its circumference is about 4 kilometers and its highest elevation is 115 meters. Granshan winding bank hanging wall, mountain dangerous scenery, vast water, wearing pine and bamboo, perennial green, such as green snail floating water, Penglai outside. There are three mountains and nine peaks on the island. Look at the three mountains from a distance, and look at the nine peaks near. The whole island has green pines, green bamboos, flowers and willows, fruits and trees become forests, and fragrance in all seasons.

Mushan Island Tourist Resort integrates natural landscape, human landscape and fisherman culture. It is an ideal tourist destination for leisure vacation, physical fitness and electronic entertainment. Natural primitive ecological landscape and primitive local characteristics are the main features of Mushan Island.








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