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Research on the Theme of "Never Forget Your Beginning Mind and Keep Your Mission in mind"

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According to the unified deployment of the group's Party committee, the group's Party Committee "never forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission" theme of the fifth tour of Education Guidance Group leader, group company Party committee members, discipline committee secretary Zhang Changfu several times to guide enterprises in Anhui Qiyun Villa Hotel Management Company, to conduct a special survey on its current situation, problems and future development.

During the investigation period, Comrade Zhang Changfu listened to and solicited the opinions and suggestions of the Party branch, grass-roots Party members, cadres and employees of Qiyun Villa on relevant issues through the form of first-hand observation, team discussion and staff discussion, obtained first-hand information, and conducted a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the guiding enterprises.

In his investigation, Comrade Zhang Changfu emphasized that the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission" should be carried out throughout the Party, that the Party should constantly carry out self-revolution, unite and lead the people to push forward the adherence to and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, that the overall layout of "five in one" should be promoted as a whole, and that the "four completeness" should be coordinated and promoted. The strategic layout of "face" is of great significance in realizing the goal of "two hundred years" and realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the same time, Comrade Zhang Changfu asked the Party branch of Qiyun Villa to organize thematic education with high standards and quality with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission. We should learn and understand deeply, accurately grasp the deployment requirements of the central and provincial Party committees and the Party committees of the Provincial Tourism Group on thematic education, and implement the overall requirements, objectives, tasks and work arrangements of thematic education, so as to improve the actual effect of the style of work and promote the effective and orderly development of thematic education. We should highlight the focus of our work and closely integrate it with reality, organically link up and penetrate the four key tasks of learning education, investigation and research, inspection of problems and rectification and implementation, so as to ensure the effectiveness of thematic education.

Finally, Comrade Zhang Changfu put forward five guiding opinions on the theme education of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission" of the Party branch tribes in Qiyun Villa: first, we should focus on the implementation of the fundamental tasks; second, we should grasp the general requirements of "twelve words"; third, we should focus on the implementation of the general goal of "five words"; fourth, we should adhere to the "four words" throughout the beginning. Fifth, we should vigorously guard against formalism and bureaucracy and implement them.

The Deputy Secretary of the Group Discipline Commission, the Minister of the Ministry of Supervision and Audit, and the group "never forget their original intention and keep in mind their mission" were accompanied by the investigation by the Vice-Chairman of the Fifth Circuit Guidance Group, Fang Yong.








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