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National Tourism Administration issued "Ten Reminders for Civilized Tourism"

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According to the National Tourism Administration, on the eve of the Spring Festival holidays in 2014, the National Tourism Administration issued "Ten Reminders of Civilized Tourism" to the society to further strengthen the publicity and guidance of civilized tourism for the public, mobilize the whole society, and jointly prompt and correct bad habits in travel activities.

Since the publicity campaign of "Promoting Civilized Tourism" sponsored by the National Tourism Administration was officially launched on September 26, 2013, it has received enthusiastic support from the vast number of netizens. During the five weeks from September 26 to November 8, 9936 reminders of civilized tourism were collected.

In order to embody the characteristics of popularization and networking of the activities, the organizers put forward the requirements of concise and clear writing, easy to remember, lively language, solemn and harmonious content, but to meet the key points. According to this criterion, ten reminders of civilized tourism are selected through preliminary and re-evaluation.

_The ten reminders of civilized tourism selected in this evaluation not only remind tourists to establish a universal awareness of civilized tourism, but also give specific reminders in good faith for common uncivilized habits in travel, including environmental hygiene maintenance, public order observance, protection of the ecological environment and cultural relics, and respect for others. Rights and travel safety and other aspects.

_It is understood that the head of the relevant departments of the National Tourism Administration said that through the collection of cultural tourism reminder propaganda activities, the promotion and guidance of civilized tourism for the public was further strengthened, and the subjective consciousness of the vast number of netizens in civilized tourism was stimulated. At the same time, the timely and convenient interactive communication functions of new media such as micro-blog were fully utilized. Widely drawing on folk wisdom, we have collected and selected a number of warm tips of civilized tourism which are easy to spread and remember and catchy. Next, the National Tourism Administration will continue to publicize the reminders of civilized tourism for the society and industry, and strive to form a broad social consensus.

It is reported that the National Tourism Administration has deployed a series of propaganda activities on civilized tourism with the theme of "Civilization and Tourism Peer" in the industry, mobilizing tour guides and other tourism practitioners to actively guide tourists to participate in civilized tourism related activities and consciously become the disseminator of Chinese civilization. "A reminder of civilized tourism" is an important part of a series of publicity activities.

Ten Reminders of Civilized Tourism

_Reminds the universality prompt which establishes the civilized tourism consciousness:

Civilization is the most beautiful scenery

_2. Long journey accompanied by civilization

_3. Travel, beauty, time, beauty, civilization, anytime, anywhere

Civilization Travels the World Happy You, Me and He

_5. Every flower and tree is a landscape, and every word and deed should be civilized.

_. Suggestions for specific uncivilized tourism behavior:

6. Traveling all over the world, leaving only a string of footprints

(used as a reminder to protect the ecological environment)

__7. Travel and lecture etiquette should follow the custom when entering the country

(used as a reminder of respect for the rights of others)

_8. No littering shows civilized manners.

(Used as a reminder of environmental hygiene)

9. See more beautiful scenery and never carve a good name.

(used to remind the protection of ecological environment and cultural relics)

10. Peace is happiness, civilization is gold

(used to remind travel safety)








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