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Civilization Sees the Beauty of World Scenery Better

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Educational guidance runs through daily life and the quality of tourists is steadily improved

At present, the total number of tourists in China ranks first in the world. Data show that in 2017, there were nearly 5 billion domestic tours, 139 million inbound tours and 129 million outbound tours. In the tide of more and more Chinese people going abroad to see the world, although only a few tourists have uncivilized behavior, it has a great impact, seriously affecting China's national image. In recent years, under the joint management of various relevant departments, the quality of Chinese citizens'outbound travel has been steadily improved, and Chinese tourists are increasingly showing civilized and courteous citizenship of large countries.

In recent years, the government has gradually opened up new outbound tourism destinations, enriched people's outbound tourism choices, at the same time, it attaches importance to formulating and promulgating policies and regulations to regulate the tourism market. The implementation of the "Guidance Management Measures" issued by the National Tourism Administration and the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Integration of Transportation and Tourism" issued jointly by the Ministry of Transportation and other five departments will help to further clarify the industry norms. It is understood that at the local level, there will also be relevant regulations. Nanjing will implement the Nanjing Tourism Regulations in March this year, which clearly stipulates the punishment measures for eight kinds of uncivilized acts. On the basis of promulgating policies and improving rules and regulations, efforts should be made to strengthen the publicity of policies and regulations and ensure the effectiveness of their implementation. On the basis of the Guidelines for the Civilized Behavior of Chinese Citizens in Travel Abroad (Outbound), the entry-exit administrative departments of public security organs in Tianjin, Zhejiang and other places absorb the relevant laws, regulations, customs and habits of the state, print out informative publicity materials and issue them free of charge at the license window or mail them to the applicants along with the entry-exit documents. Good results have been achieved in popularizing civilized knowledge.

_. Departments should attach great importance to the management of outbound travel and attach importance to practical results. First, we should focus on key groups of people. At present, through the civilized concept of outbound tourism throughout the way of daily education, pre-tour checkpoints and in-tour control, the quality of individual travel is gradually improved. Second, we should focus on key periods. At present, many scenic spots in China avoid overload operation by adjusting ticket prices during peak and valley periods, and restricting the flow of people during peak periods, so as to improve the quality of travel and contribute to the sustainable development of scenic spots. Third, we should focus on key links. We should firmly grasp the necessary passport, exit and transportation links for outbound tourists, and strengthen relevant examination and educational guidance.

In recent years, it is an important way for civilized outbound tourism management to make good use of credit mechanism, encourage and punish dishonesty, and give full play to positive role models and negative warning. The State Tourism Administration collects advanced deeds of civilized tourism in the National Tourism industry, publicizes the practices of developing civilized tourism in various places, excavates typical deeds of "good tourists" and "good guides" and carries out extensive publicity, and promotes the positive energy of civilized tourism. The Ministry of Transport has made great efforts to give full play to the role of the transport credit system and continuously promote the construction of the "passenger blacklist" system for civil aviation passenger transport and high-speed rail passenger transport. This system will incorporate passenger information that acts uncivilly and violates relevant regulations into the records in time, restrict their choice of high-quality transport services and public travel modes, and increase the cost of violations. As of December 31, 2017, the total number of people subject to restrictions in the system reached 5.25 million, the total number of interceptions was 1.69 million, and the total number of interceptions was 9.34 million. The effect of disciplinary work was remarkable.

In the governance of civilized outbound travel, media is an indispensable part. In recent years, various media have carried out network publicity and place publicity, paying attention to giving full play to the role of the main channel and vane of the central media, and giving full play to the role of Baidu, Tencent, Sina and other important network enterprises in creating a clean and healthy cultural atmosphere. During the National Day of 2017, with the theme of "Everyone is a beautiful scenic line", a number of public service advertisements for civilized tourism were produced. People's Daily launched a column of "civilized outing and Exhibition style", and Xinhua News Agency launched an interview such as "Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization: China provides an example for the development of world tourism". Tao has achieved good social repercussions. In view of the widespread uncivilized phenomenon, China Tourist General Service of China Tourist Group Co., Ltd. has compiled the "Ten Bad Habits Do Not Have" slogan, which has been widely disseminated among the masses with its catchy rhythm and conveyed the culture of civilized tourism.

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