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Living allowance for retired veterans over 60 years old in rural areas

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In order to effectively examine and approve the living allowance for retired rural veterans over 60 years of age in 2019, Woniushan Street attaches great importance to this work and organizes it carefully so that the people who enjoy this livelihood policy can enjoy it fully. Up to now, in the second half of 2019, the street enjoys 92 rural veterans living allowances, with a subsidy fund of 122,016 yuan.

Compact responsibilities, deployment arrangements. The streets held timely meetings of Community Civil Affairs assistants, compacted responsibilities, organized deployment, explained the object and scope of policy definition, principles and procedures of verification and confirmation, statistical reporting of information data, and made specific arrangements for the approval of subsidies.

Grasp the policy and implement it well. Street Civil Administration requires all communities to do a thorough and meticulous job of verification and confirmation, to do a good job and not leak out, to strictly approve the identity, length of compulsory military service, age and other information of these personnel in accordance with the policy, and to carefully fill in the "Examination and Approval Form for Old Life Subsidies for Retired Rural Soldiers over 60 Years of Age" in Chaohu City, in the process of implementation. Major problems encountered should be reported to the Civil Affairs Institute in a timely manner.

Strengthen policy publicity and strict approval procedures. Streets earnestly publicize retired veterans'living allowance policies through residents' micro-message circles and bulletin boards. At the same time, they strictly follow the procedures of individual declaration, community and street civil affairs bureau's first examination and closure, and report to Chaohu Civil Affairs Bureau for confirmation, so as to ensure that eligible rural veterans can enjoy their lives. Subsidy.

Strengthen the examination and approval, and carefully examine and verify. Streets will organize telephone notifications for retired rural veterans enjoyed in the second half of 2019. They will arrange to collect their photos on the spot at the Street Civil Affairs Office, upload them to the Youfu System, and wait for the Civil Affairs Bureau to examine and register them on paper. (Xu Liding Laixia)








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