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Qualification Certification of Basic Old-age Insurance Treatment for Urban and Rural Residents

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In order to further standardize the payment of basic old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural residents, ensure the timely, full and accurate distribution of pensions for urban and rural residents, eliminate the occurrence of fraudulent collection of pensions and safeguard the vital interests of the broad masses of the people, Sanbing Town recently launched a certification worker for basic old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural residents in 2019. To ensure the safety of basic pension insurance funds for urban and rural residents.

This certification work will adopt the combination of on-site certification and door certification to carry out survival certification for 7581 pension insurance recipients in the whole town. The target of certification is the normal recipients of basic pension insurance benefits for urban and rural residents who are over 60 years old and above before December 31, 2018 (i.e. born before December 31, 1958). Through the village (community) convenient service hall of Hefei people's "convenience treasure" for "brush face" certification, for serious illness, heavy disability, paralysis and old age and other special populations, by staff door-to-door certification, personnel can not go to the scene certification, relatives can use Alipay APP "Hefei human society" function to complete the certification. Each Alipay account supports 6 certification places. If they fail to complete the qualification certification on time, their pension insurance benefits will be suspended and reissued after they have passed the qualification certification.

Through extensive and in-depth propaganda in various forms in the early stage and accurate arrangement of cadres in towns and villages, the roster of persons needing survival certification in the whole town has been compiled and implemented to the people. The relevant certification information such as certification time, place and documents needed to be prepared has been clearly defined to ensure that those who enjoy treatment can participate in the survival certification in time, and at the same time. According to the requirements of the certification system, check the basic information of the certification personnel, such as their residence address, current residence address, contact telephone, health status and so on, and do a good job of timely input of the basic information related to the pension survival certification.

In 2019, the basic endowment insurance treatment qualification certification for urban and rural residents will continue until the end of this year. Up to now, 2547 people have been granted the basic endowment insurance treatment qualification certification for urban and rural residents. This work is progressing in an orderly manner. (Xia Changhao Yuqiong)








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