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High temperature condolences to sanitation workers for cooling off in hot summer

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In hot summer, the heat wave comes. On the morning of July 26, the Party and Labor Committee and the office of Fenghuangshan Street in Chaohu City brought refreshment to the sanitation workers in their jurisdiction at this glorious moment. At the same time, they also received the care of the Party and the government for the sanitation workers, so that they could feel a trace of cool in the hot summer.

"The beauty of the city can not be separated from the sanitation workers, it is the hard work of the sanitation workers that has created a good working and living environment for us!" At the event site, the principal responsible person of the Fenghuangshan Street Party and Labour Committee, on behalf of the Street and Labour Committee and the office, extended cordial greetings to the sanitation workers, reminded everyone of the importance of preventing summer heat and wishing them well. Home is in good health. He also advocated that all cadres and the masses cherish the achievements of sanitation workers, so as not to litter and protect environmental hygiene.

Subsequently, the main street principals, young women principals and love volunteers sent one by one to the hands of sanitation workers, the donation site a cheerful and happy laughter.

The launch of this refreshing campaign not only makes the sanitation workers feel the respect and love of the streets and the social family, but also creates a good atmosphere of caring for the sanitation workers, promoting volunteerism and advocating public service in the whole society, and promotes the construction of Phoenix Mountain which is safe, beautiful and prosperous. (Zhang Hongsong)








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