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Basic Old-age Insurance Service for Urban and Rural Residents

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In order to promote the further development of the basic old-age insurance project for urban and rural residents, improve the awareness rate of residents'policies and the participation rate of urban and rural residents' basic old-age insurance, and establish and improve the basic old-age security system for urban and rural residents, Tianhe Street Office, in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities, vigorously implemented the work of "three measures".

Firstly, policy propaganda is carried out from household to household. Make full use of propaganda boards, distribution of propaganda materials and policy questions and answers and other means of policy propaganda. At the same time, village cadres visited unpaid personnel household by household, timely publicizing the policy adjustments of urban and rural residents'basic endowment insurance payment grade, payment subsidy and basic pension increase, so as to make them known to all.

___ In the process of informing the public to participate in insurance, in view of some residents who have wrong telephone number and no contact method, the staff members should accurately contact the insured personnel at their residence address, adopt household entry method to contact the insured personnel in time, and register the latest contact method of the insured personnel, so as to ensure that each insured person can renew the insurance on time.

_3. Clear responsibility assessment in place. Street will take this work into the annual target assessment. As the specific responsible person for participating in the insurance service, the community and village business operators will be fully responsible for the community and village participating in the insurance payment, so as to ensure the completion of the annual urban and rural residents basic old-age insurance livelihood project objectives. (Diaoqiong)








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