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Chaohu Sanbing Town Holds the Third Quarter Security Committee of 2019

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On the afternoon of July 23, Sanbing Town held the third quarter safety production meeting. Members of town teams, members of security committees, departments directly under the town, village (community) leaders, village (community) safety information workers and relevant enterprises attended the meeting.

_Meeting summarized the work of safety production in the second quarter and arranged the work in the third quarter.

Finally, Hu Yansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhenzhen, conveys relevant documents and conference spirit of safety production in provinces and municipalities, emphasizing on strengthening formal research and judgment, strengthening key protection and establishing long-term mechanism. And requirements: first, strengthen the work of heat prevention and cooling in high temperature season; second, in accordance with the requirements of "Party and government responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, joint management, dereliction of duty and accountability", the industry immediately carries out a major safety inspection in high temperature season. Thirdly, if enterprises want to truly implement hidden dangers as accidents, safety in production must be alarmed for a long time. (Ren Liangliang)








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