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Safety precautions for outgoing Tourism

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1. Take necessary measures for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing.

2. Take necessary emergency medicines, such as bandage, antipyretics, etc.

3. Hotel accommodation, it is best to take the necessities of life, you can buy disposable towels, sheets, etc. Taobao; observe the location of escape passage, in case.

4. Girls can take some self-defense tools, Hotel doors, etc. to go out alone, try to take public transport, take taxis, and give license plate number to relatives and friends by internet.

5. Bring as little cash as possible during the journey. Don't put the money in your luggage. Keep it close to you. Don't leave valuables in the room. It's better to go to a regular shop and buy something with an invoice certificate. When trying on clothes and shoes, it is better to accompany and take care of the articles with your group friends.

6. Important documents such as passports, visas, identity cards, credit cards, locomotive and ship tickets should be carried with you and kept properly. Before departure, it's better to have one copy each in your handbag and the original in your close underwear pocket. Do not readily agree when someone checks the certificate, but report it to the leader for disposal. If the leader is not present, the other party may be asked to show his identity card or work certificate, otherwise he shall be refused. If the other party is a policeman, he should also record his ID number, chest number and car number.








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