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Chaohu Grand Mountain Island Tour Guide Competition in 2019

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In the afternoon of June 16, the Tourist Guide Competition of Chaohu Grandma Island, sponsored by the Provincial Tourist Association Tourist Area Branch and the Tourist Guide Branch of the Provincial Tourist Association, was officially launched in the Grandma Island Scenic Area of Zhongmiao Chaohu, sponsored by the Grandma Island Scenic Area Management Committee of Chaohu Lake and Grandma Island Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Twenty-four contestants selected from different levels participated in the competition on that day.

The theme of the contest is charming Chaohu Lake and "Tour". Through self-introduction, tour guide commentary and talent exhibition, the contestants show the long history, culture and natural scenery of Chaohu Lake.

It is understood that the Chaohu Grangshan Island Tourist Guide Competition is one of the series of activities of the 7th Zhongmiao Tourism and Culture Festival of China Chaohu in 2009. Since the beginning of registering for the sea election in May, it has attracted the enthusiastic participation of many tourism practitioners and enthusiasts from colleges and universities all over the country. The holding of the contest will further accelerate the pace of the establishment of Granshan Island Scenic Area 5A of Chaohu Lake, select and store a group of commentators who love Chaohu Lake, can talk about Chaohu Lake, can talk about Chaohu Lake, and publicize Chaohu Lake, and find and select a group of spokesmen of Chaohu Lake's tourism image.

In the end, 10 contestants were successful in the finals. The final and award ceremony will be held on June 29.

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