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The creation of 5A scenic spots has been fully affirmed by the Provincial Travel Committee

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On the morning of March 7, Wan Yanshaojian, director of Hefei Municipal Tourism and Development Commission, led the team to report to Wang Yunbo, deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Commission and the Planning Office on the progress of the establishment of the 5A Scenic Area of Chaohu Granshan Island. Li Hua, Standing Committee and Vice Mayor of Chaohu Municipal Committee, Ding Haiying, Vice Director of Hefei Municipal Tourism and Development Commission and relevant personnel of Planning Office attended the meeting. At the meeting, Vice Mayor Li Hua made a detailed report to the provincial and municipal tourism committees on the progress of landscape evaluation preparation, planning, project construction, facilities supporting, environmental upgrading, toilet revolution, and on-site review of landscape quality report films and PPT for landscape value evaluation. After hearing the report, Wang Yunbo, deputy director of the Provincial Travel Committee, fully affirmed Chaohu City's efforts to promote the creation of the 5A Scenic Spot of Granshan Island. He believed that the establishment of the work organization was in place, the development ideas were clear, the measures were powerful and the progress was rapid. At the same time, he asked Chaohu City to insist on two-handed grasp in the next step, one-handed grasp of landscape value assessment, to ensure a one-time review by the National Bureau; one-handed grasp of project construction, to effectively speed up project construction, and constantly improve the service function of scenic spots. Four key points should be achieved: supporting projects should be in place, tourism elements should be perfected, scenic spots should be changed, brand influence should be enhanced, and national 5A scenic spots should be successfully created as soon as possible, making positive contributions to the creation of the first national tourism and leisure area around Chaohu Lake. At the meeting, the head of Hefei Municipal Travel Committee also put forward specific requirements for the establishment of Granshan Island in Chaohu. (Wei Aifei)








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