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2019 Tourist Work Fair and Granshan Island Scenic Spot Spring Festival Festival

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In 2018, Zhongmiao Tourism has broken through the road of self-creation and development of 5A. In 2018, through the construction of tourism projects, the improvement of human settlements, the improvement of supporting facilities, the holding of festivals, the promotion of management services and other work, tourism development has opened a new chapter. The total number of visitors reached a historic breakthrough in the whole year, and nearly 1.2 million visitors handed in a satisfactory answer to the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, an increase of 59.3% over the previous year, and the total tourism revenue of 205 million yuan, an increase of 32.2% over the previous year. The scenic spot has won many honors, such as China's 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, Hefei's first wedding photography base, Chaohu's first research and learning base, and has declared the titles of "China's brand tourism scenic spot" and "Anhui's first civilized tourism volunteer service station". In 2019, our goal is to let tourists walk around the world and stay at Zhongmiao.

Subsequently, the leaders of the Street Construction Office, Zhongmiao Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel and Zhongmiao Tourism and Ferry Company made exchanges and speeches.

Finally, Tang Binhong, Director-General of Chaohu Tourism Bureau, made a speech in which he highly praised Zhongmiao tourism in 2018, and put forward specific requirements for Zhongmiao tourism task in 2019 and how to train professional talents.

At the party, Chen Songzuo, Secretary of the street Party and Labor Committee, delivered a speech on the Spring Festival. He emphasized that in the new year, we will further adhere to the general requirements of the construction of "eco-green famous landscape city and innovative and open industrial new city" by the Biaochaohu Municipal Committee and the municipal government, and vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization; further make every effort to create 5A scenic spots and create first-class tourist destinations; and further strengthen construction and management. At the same time, we should consolidate the achievements of creating ecological civilization, further strengthen public services and enhance the happiness index of the masses, further strictly govern the Party in an all-round way, and create a clean and healthy political ecology. The grand blueprint is desirable, and the bright future is encouraging! Tomorrow's Zhongmiao will have a bluer sky, clearer water, more beautiful mountains and rivers, and more livable ecology. Tomorrow's Zhongmiao will have more things, more people, more prosperous industries and more prosperous humanities.








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