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Emergency Rescue Exercise in Mushan Island Scenic Area of Chaohu Lake

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In order to enhance the emergency rescue capability of Chaohu tourism industry and comprehensively enhance the ability and level of emergency response and disposal in scenic spots. On the afternoon of May 30, emergency rescue drills were conducted in Granshan Island scenic spot of Chaohu Lake.

The drill is divided into two parts. The first part is fire drill and the second part is water search and rescue drill. Firstly, the fire drill was carried out. At 2:30 p.m., 110 people received the alarm. The restaurant on the 1st floor of Jintai Commercial Street caught fire because of the electric circuit, and the people were trapped. They asked for emergency rescue. The trapped people covered their mouths and noses with towels and rescued themselves along the evacuation passage. Emergency team and firefighters rushed to the scene, quickly pulled up the cordon to maintain order, professional team members entered the fire site for search and rescue, rescued the remaining wounded, emergency team members to stretcher rescue. At the same time, the city fire brigade and medical emergency center explained fire rescue knowledge and medical emergency knowledge respectively for rescue work.

After that, the water search and rescue drill was carried out. The participating teams reported the drill preparation to the field headquarters. With the commander-in-chief's order, the drill began. Search and rescue drills on water have officially begun. The drill simulated the collision between the cruise ship and the underwater unknown object, stopping the ship, hull damage, the distress of the crew and tourists on board, the captain of the cruise ship alarmed for rescue, and organized personnel to start self-rescue. With the issuance of instructions, rescue operations proceed quickly and orderly.

_Each participant in the exercise attaches great importance to it. From the planning of the exercise, the preparation, the organization and implementation to the simulation exercises, they have been carefully organized. In the course of the drill, we worked together, docked effectively and successfully completed the drill task, which effectively improved the ability and level of the scenic area to deal with emergencies.








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