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Damei Chaohu Lake and Hutian Scenic Spot Healthy Running in Rain of Mushan Island Scenic Spot

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Live a healthy life and run happily. On the morning of May 26, Chaohu City "Lake Sky Scenic Spot Health Run" opened fire in "Lake Sky Scenic Spot No. 1" - Grandma Island Scenic Spot of Chaohu Lake. Despite the drizzling rain in the sky on that day, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the runners at all. More than 1,000 runners ran happily in the rain to convey the idea of sports health.

The theme of this event is "Damei Chaohu Lake, scenic Zhongmiao, creating 5A-level Zhongmiao tourist attraction". The event was co-sponsored by Chaohu Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports, Chaohu Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau and Chaohu City Zhongmiao Street Office, and co-sponsored by Chaohu City Hiking Association, Chaohu City Long-distance Running Association and China Railway Baile and Baile Chaohu Health Endowment Industry Co., Ltd. as a sub-event of the 7th China Chaohu Lake Tourism and Culture Festival in 2009. It is also an important measure to create national 5A scenic spots in Chaohu Granshan Island.

The whole course of the healthy running is 10 kilometers. The starting point of the competition route is China Railway Baile and Baile Chaohu Health Endowment Industry Co., Ltd. and the way is Chaohu Peninsula Avenue - through Nine Road - Huatang River Bridge. Adhering to the concept of "green health", the activity is accompanied by green mountains and rivers and accompanied by natural scenery. Thousands of fitness enthusiasts from enterprises and institutions, government departments, and social and non-governmental organizations also appreciated the unique scenery of Granshan Island, Chaohu Lake, experiencing the out-of-print beauty of harmonious coexistence of lakes, rivers, roads, forests and scenery, and feeling the perfect integration of sports and landscape. (Yan Wanlong)








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