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Eleventh Mini-long Holiday-Travel Notes of Self-driving on Mnshan Island, Chaohu

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Zhongmiao, also known as "Zhongmiao", is located in Zhongmiao Town, Juchao District, Chaohu City, 58 kilometers away from Hefei City. It is called "Zhongmiao" because it is located in the middle of Chaozhou and Luzhou. Because of the vigorous incense in the past dynasties, it is known as "South Jiuhua, North Zhongmiao". On October 3, considering that there was no "program" on the National Day holiday, I decided to visit Zhongmiao and Grandma Mountain in the morning, so I drove out with "LD".

Under the guidance of navigation, he went southeast after Feidong. Feidong Road is not generally rotten, not only bumpy but also dusty, so I can not help but want to use mobile phones to navigate again, doubting whether the vehicle navigation is misguided. The reason for this idea is that the car map was in the spring of 2013, while the mobile map was in the summer of 2013. After passing through several townships along the way (the mood problem, the name of the townships can not be remembered), we finally have a bright future ahead of us. From the right, there's an avenue. There's a barrier between the upstream and downstream. Do you think it's the Huanhu Avenue? With that, I was in a good mood and began to take pictures (I was driving, and "LD" took pictures. Haha ~).








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