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Chaohu Lake, Hefei, [Mushan Island]

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Zhongmiao is located in Zhongmiao Town on the shore of Chaohe Lake, which is opposite to Granshan Island in the center of the lake. The shore is shaped like Qifeng; the temple has red walls, green tiles and overlapping eaves. The Zhongmiao was first built in the second year of Chiwu in Eastern Wu Dynasty. It offered sacrifices to the grandmother of Chaohu Potao and later to the Bixia Yuanjun, who was known as the Jade Lady of Mount Tai. Historically, more than 70 halls were destroyed and renovated in the Qing Dynasty. Once entering the hall for the shrine, depicting the gods and ghosts, the eyes are full of beauties; second entering the hall for the Buddha.

There is an ancient temple on the shore of Chaohe Lake. It is named Zhongmiao because it is 90 miles away from Hefei and Chaoxian counties. The temple was built in the early years of Dade in the Yuan Dynasty (1297), and was rebuilt during Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty (1506-1521). It was a magnificent view of Luzhou and was praised as "the first resort in Lake and sky". Some poems say, "The high buildings on the lake are open on all sides, and the setting sun is the first time to return. Wu Chu Qian Fan falls, the movie star river comes five nights. Luo Yin's poems are still in the water hall. Boyang immortal goes to a mountain scarf. Long sky to see the clouds at night, two axillary days under the Fengtai wind. (The name of the place where the temple is located is Phoenix Terrace). Another poem says, "At the water end of the famous temple in Hexiong, people are surprised to see Jou-chia sitting there. General trees are planted under the fragrant forest, and only emperor and daughter flowers are blooming along the narrow path. Four clear peaks come to Yuandai, a lake of autumn water immersed in water, under which there is smoke, suspected to be Jin Tingyu scholar's home.

Zhongmiao, also known as "Zhongmiao" and "Saint Princess Temple", is situated on Phoenix alum on the shore of Chaohe Lake. Juchao County, Hefei in the middle, so the name. Alum is a red sandy conglomerate peninsula, protruding in the lake, like a phoenix. The temple was built in the second year of Wu Chiwu (239 years). It was built by Bixia Yuanjun. Legend has it that during the Three Kingdoms Period, Li Min was caught in the catastrophe of floods. Grandma Tai of Chaozhou foresaw the opportunity of heaven and boarded Phoenix alum to save drowning people. Later generations built temples to help them. The existing palace was built at the end of the Qing Dynasty, with more than 70 rooms and wooden structures. The three places are facing water, the terraces stand tall and the momentum is lofty. They have the reputation of "the first scenic spot in Lake and sky". Visitors can climb high and overlook. There is a poem in Chuliang Village of the Ming Dynasty: "The high buildings on the lake are open on all sides, and the sunset migrates back for the first time." Wu Chu Qian Fan falls, the movie star river comes five nights. "In the 37 years of the Republic of China, the rear courtyard suffered from fire and only 24 temples were left. On the east side of the temple is Zhaozhong Premier built by Li Hongzhang in memory of Huaijun in the late Qing Dynasty.

The Temple offered sacrifices to Grandma Tai of Chaohu, who was the master of Chaohu, and later to the Bixia Yuanjun, who was known as the Jade Lady of Mount Tai. Historically, more than 70 halls were destroyed and renovated in the Qing Dynasty. One enters the main hall for shrines, depicts gods and ghosts, and is full of beauties; the second enters the main hall for Buddhist activities; and the rear hall for the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion, three-storey structure, stable and simple.

From ancient times to the present, anyone who visits the temple will find that there is a shortage of one end of the main beam of the temple, and another wooden handle iron axe flying embedded in the eight bottom frames of the main beam. Why there is such a wonder, there is a folk legend: in ancient times, Chaohu Lake was originally land, known as "Chaozhou", and now Hefei, that is, Luzhou, was once a * piece. At that time, the devil raged, the gods were angry, causing landslides to overthrow, Chaozhou fell into lakes, Luzhou was long and land. In order to express their devotion to the gods and the memory of Grandma Taihu of Chaohu Lake, people built temples on Phoenix Terrace for worship.

After seven or forty-nine days and nights, seven or forty-nine incenses were burned. Seven or forty-nine skilled craftsmen were invited to build seven or forty-nine beams and pillars. The temple was built, but what was the reason for the incorrect erection of the beams? The craftsmen were puzzled.

On this day, while the craftsmen were thinking hard about erecting beams, a man came out with a wooden axe on his waist, which seemed to be a carpenter. The craftsmen didn't care about the man's arrival, but the man opened his mouth with astonishing words: "It's not difficult to erect a beam, as long as you ask me to do it." After hearing this, some craftsmen called it a nervous disorder, some called it a bragging skin, and some called it a mix of bowls of rice to eat. However, an old man did not assert lightly. After thinking for a while, he said to everyone, "Let's let him try it first, if it's not too late to make a theory." So the craftsmen restored the girder according to the man's intention.

_Just at this time, the strong wind, the main beam on the rigid frame wobbled, the head of the beam was broken, the beam was about to overturn. At this moment, the man pulled out his waist axe, waved his hand and threw it at the beam and column. The axe was impartial and happened to fall on the mortise of the main beam of the eight-base frame. A broken section of the beam head was connected, the main beam swayed a few times, and then steadily mounted. Almost at the same time, a rat with an old cat was chopped off its head and foot and fell off the beam. The man pointed at the fallen rat and said to everyone, "This rat is the demon of the Chaohu Lake. This demon will not be removed, and the beam will never be erected." It was not until then that people realized the reason why it was impossible to erect beams. After repeated questioning, people know that this man is not someone else, but the carpenter's ancestor axe; the God craftsman lost his class. The axe still embedded in the beam of Zhongmiao today is the Zhenliang God axe left by Lu Ban in that year.

The Buddhist activities of the Zhongmiao have a long history. Morning bells, evening drums, businessmen gathered, fragrant prayers, endless stream.

It's the first time I've been there today. I haven't had much experience. Navigate all the way. I regret not walking along the lakeside sightseeing avenue. I ran all the way from Yuxi to Longtang Provincial Road. Who knows the road is being built? My car on that road went through an off-road challenge anyway. My heart aches. I drove for more than an hour on a bumpy road. Think about how you feel. No more...








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