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One-day Tour to Munshan Island, Chaohu Lake

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During the long National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, I took a day off to visit Zhongmiao in Chaohu Lake, although it is very close to Hefei. There are too many people to feel the most! First, we visited the Zhaozhong Temple, which contains portraits and tablets of some generals such as General Li Hongzhang of Huaijun. It is now listed as a provincial cultural relics protection unit.

Engraved brick wall

Clear and visible words

The Zhongmiao, known as "the first resort of lake and sky", stands on the rocks called Phoenix Station on the shore of Hubei Province. The temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, but it was built many times later. It is situated on the top of the rocks, facing water in three directions, and its terraces are lofty and magnificent. Chu Liangcai of the Ming Dynasty wrote Zhongmiao, in which he chanted: "The high buildings on the lake are open on all sides, and the sunset comes back for the first time. Wu Chu Qian Fan falls, the movie star river comes five nights. The temple is a pure wooden structure like a courtyard, exquisite and unique. The landing railings, vast and vast, do not distinguish between Yunxiang and Shuixiang, the scenery is strange and spectacular.

Look at Chaohu Zhongmiao from a distance

The lighthouse at the entrance may have been built as a night guide for distant sailing boats.

A corner of the gate of the temple

The roof of the temple is also a landscape.

Mushan is an island located in Chaohu Lake. It can only be passed by boat or speedboat. Looking from afar, Grandma Mountain looks like an old woman, gazing at Ershan on the surface of Taotao Lake. It is said that this is the Jiao Po in the legend of "the fall of Chaohu Lake", who is looking at her son. The son missed the time because he told his neighbors the news of the trap, so he could not get out of danger. Jiao Po also ran away because she wanted to rescue her son. So there is a shoe hill not far south of Grandma Mountain. In order to miss Jiao Po, people built the Saint Grandma Temple on Grandma Mountain. "Grandma Peak is as green as a bun, and its pillars stand in the middle stream." There are three mountains and nine peaks on the island. On the top of Mount Grandma stands the Pagoda of Mount Grandma. It is said that the pagoda was first built in Chongzhen period of Ming Dynasty, but the construction stopped at the third floor. During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang, the leader of the Westernization School and Hefei man, initiated the continuation of the project. When it was completed, Li Hongzhang wrote "The Tablet of Grandma Mountain Pagoda" inscribed on the stone. The tower body is octagonal, the eaves are warped, and the shape is beautiful. According to the introduction, each layer of the tower wall is decorated with stone tablets, engraved with ancient poetry and relief, and the knife work is exquisite, exquisite, spiral up to the top of the tower, because too many tourists did not reach the top of the tower, only a circle in the tower base. Thousands of hectares of waves, there is no picture of sails weaving in the past, the distant mountains and shadows, still like a dream.

A corner of Mushan

Mushan Pagoda

The elegance of a ship


A tour here

The Sparkling Red Star seen on the road (a business gate)









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