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Travel Notes of Mushan Island in Chaohu Lake

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The car was moving, and the scenery outside the window passed by. After the autumn harvest, the fields were covered with dead straw and desolate. Only the village surrounded by green trees, only the cotton fields like clouds and snow, but also immersed in the joy of harvest.... You don't have to think about it, 40 minutes'drive to the Zhongmiao Temple in Chaohu.

Zhongmiao Temple, also known as "Zhongmiao Temple", "Taimu Temple", "Notre Dame Temple", is 45 kilometers away from Luzhou and Chaohu Lake, which occupies the middle of the two, hence its name. It has become a Buddhist resort to offer sacrifices to Grandma Tai, who dominated Chaohu's waves, and later to the Jade Lady Bixia Yuanjun of Mount Tai. Known as "South Jiuhua, North Zhongmiao". The Zhongmiao Temple was destroyed by fire and war in history, and it was repeatedly abandoned and repaired. In the fifteenth year of Guangxu (1889), Li Hongzhang advocated the re-construction of three halls, namely, the front hall, the middle hall and the rear hall, with more than seventy halls. The back hall Tibetan Sutra Building (formerly the Phoenix Building) has three floors with eight windows, four corners and wind bells at its corners. In 2006, under the construction of the resident and interpreter circles, it was basically the same as the original appearance of Li Hongzhang's era.

It's only about eight o'clock in the morning, and the sun hasn't got up yet. We boarded the cruise to Grandma Three Islands while tourists were scarce. At a glance, the lake was sparkling with microwaves, almost calm. But I still feel the power of the autumn wind.

Granshan Island is the only oasis on Lake Chaohu in 800 li. It is 115 meters above sea level and covers a total area of 0.86 square kilometers. There are three mountains scattered on the island and nine peaks fluctuate. It looks like lotus water, blue snail floating water and Penglai fairyland in the distance. It took only fifteen minutes from sailing to landing. As soon as I got ashore, I met the fishermen gathering their nets. It was really tempting to jump on the rice shrimp. I asked about the price of 30 yuan per kilogram, which was much cheaper than 45 yuan per kilogram in Hefei. We followed the crowd, along the diameter of the newly built road to Wenfeng Pagoda, which stands on Bijia Mountain.

Wenfeng Pagoda was built in Chongzhen of Ming Dynasty (1631) and Guangxu of Qing Dynasty (1878). Li Hongzhang proposed to donate money to build the third floor of the pagoda, which was 51 meters high and 133 stairs. Then we went up to the top of the seventh floor. There are four windows in each layer and inscriptions above each window. Like the "Optimus Pillar" on the first floor, the "Fist is approaching" on the seventh floor, and so on. Of course, there are still many signatures of "visit here", and they probably want their "good name" to last forever.

The sun waved to us with a smile from the cracks of tall green trees. A group of birds fell on the grass looking for food, jumped, and suddenly flew up, chirping, happily flapping their wings in the clear blue sky and went away. Grass sighs, ripe fruit sings. The winding path leads us to the starting point of "landing wharf". This is also a small village on Granshan Island. Every family has opened a farmhouse restaurant. From the fruits of persimmon trees at each entrance, we can see the enthusiasm of the owner. We went into Xiushui Villa and tasted the "fried eggs with silver fish", "stewed bean curd with flour fish", "fried shrimp with green pepper" and six "steamed crab" rice that they had caught by themselves. They were also given away like restaurants in the city. They asked for a bottle of beer for a total of 270 yuan. How about that? The price of four people's lunch is acceptable.

The blue sky is cloudless and the broad lake is sparkling. Looking ahead, there is a long straight line between Tianhu Lake and Tianhu Lake, which is a wonderful stroke of nature's divine power for their peaceful coexistence... The whistle sounds, and our cruise ship is sailing. Suddenly, a white crane burst into my sight. It rose from the southwest corner of Granshan Island. I was excited to sing Liu Yuxi's autumn words: "Since ancient times, autumn is sad and lonely, I say autumn is better than spring dynasty." On a clear sky, a crane will draw poetry to the sky. After several circles in the air, the white crane fell back to its original place. Haha, patronize and appreciate this strange beauty, but forget to pick up the camera in hand.

The white cranes danced to see us off, and the waves left by the yacht sang for us. Goodbye! Granshan Island. Goodbye! White Crane. I'll come back next autumn...








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