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Lantern Festival Lantern

When I was young, on New Year's Eve, on the 15th day, I had a wonderful time. Chicken, duck, fish, door god New Year pictures, New Year's money, fireworks, visiting relatives... Excitement point, one after another, peaks, heart full, happy overflow eyeground climb eyebrows. The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Because of the bright and gorgeous lanterns, it is more like climbing to the top of the mountain to roast the year's flavor.

_During the 14th day, after wandering in the street, surprise will come to us. On the main road across the town from the east to the west, various government organs, enterprises and institutions along the street have been busy building platforms one after another. Flower lanterns facing the sky are still half covered with pipa. Holding cigarettes, shouting three or four, busy workers, all smiling, hands for a moment.

When I passed by, I saw that I was delighted with adults and overjoyed children. Good news, go all the way --- the fifteenth five-year plan is going to make lanterns again!

On the 14th evening, the main roads were bustling ahead of schedule, all intersections were blocked, only pedestrians were allowed to pass, and vehicles were allowed to bypass. Scattered lanterns, lit one by one along the Long Street, rehearsed for the fifteenth night. The anxious people crowded their eyes and were surrounded by the lanterns. Everyone's face was fluttering with eyebrows, and they talked about it in succession. They commented on the advantages and disadvantages of the lanterns and were not intoxicated but intoxicated.

The Lantern Festival is about to begin with the deepening of the dusk after the fifteenth anniversary of the Lantern Festival.

It's early and dark. Every family has eaten dinner in a hurry. People have Lantern Festival in their stomachs. They can't wait for the whole family to go out. Helping the old and carrying the young, calling friends, the crowd from all corners of the town drilled out, gathering in all directions to the main road. From far away, looking at the intersection, I saw dense, full of lamp-viewers. The noise of "buzz" comes from afar, like a bee exploding its nest.

When he squeezed into the crowd, he was wrapped up and moved forward. He stood on tiptoe all the way and looked around. His heart was already happy to blossom. On both sides of the main road, there are long rows of lanterns, flowing with brilliance and dazzling. In the streets, the dark crowds, crowded and moving slowly. The large lanterns that first appeared are especially popular among people. I don't know how many walls have been built under the lanterns.

Every year, when we conceive novel lanterns, it seems that several lanterns will emerge, which will satisfy the appetite of the lamp viewers and give them the most eagerly anticipated ones. I remember that one year, the lantern named "Peacock Opening Screen" resembled the Green Peacock in captivity in the park. With the melodious music turning slowly, the "Peacock Ling" with numerous small lights was also slowly integrating, which made the whole city's old and young lamp-watchers over-addicted and made up for the usual psychological imbalance. You know, respectfully. The proud Green Peacock in Waiting Park is really a great challenge to endurance.

Over the years, there are many kinds of lanterns, which can not be remembered. The most common categories are mythological, such as "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", "Na Zhe Nao Hai", "Three Days of White Bone Essence", "Chang E Running to the Moon", legendary, such as "Wu Song Fighting Tigers", "Three Englishes Fighting Lubu", "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", and zodiac, such as "Rat Marriage", "Three Yangs Kaitai", "Golden Monkey Offering Peaches". Others, all kinds of lanterns drawn from history, figures, science and technology, fairy tales and so on, are magnificent.

The lantern is also a "disturbance". "Appreciating lanterns" and "watching people" can be described as "mutual reflection". Children like lanterns best, and they stare at them. Young boys and girls, but eyes dripping away, full of curiosity, more like to watch the beautiful opposite sex. After high school, I was reluctant to be bound by my family. Instead, I turned to about one or two friends and "searched for her thousands of Baidu" all the way. I sighed with deep sigh for "grading" and "clicking" beautiful women in the street. Deep in my heart, there is still a trace of longing, hoping to meet that "she" and meet a surprise...

Year after year, Lantern Festival lanterns, with different experiences and moods, experience similar joy and happiness, it is tireless. Suddenly looking back, I have been away from my hometown for seven years. Foreign land, a noisy city, surprisingly did not continue the folk custom of making lanterns, and thus no unlimited fun, let me miss my hometown even more. New Year's Eve, I am sorry that I can't go back to my hometown. I miss you just like a street lantern. It grows longer and longer in the cold night. I don't know where is the end of my appendix.








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