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April Temple Fair

Legend has it that Bixia Yuanjun, the goddess, appeared to shelter the people around Chaohu Lake and had a great success in saving lives. Heavenly Confessions for the Saint Princess? Cave Niang Niang? Snow, the main Chaohu Lake waves, and in the lakeside Phoenix Rock temple statue worship. According to the records of Zhongmiao, the temple was built in Chiwu two years ago. Because the site of the temple is located in the channel of Chaohu Lake in Hefei, it is called Zhongmiao and Zhongmiao.

The eighteenth day of April in the lunar calendar is the birthday of the Virgin Princess. Every time before liberation, a grand temple fair was held in Zhongmiao Temple to celebrate the birthday of Niang Niang and pray for a happy life. This morning, eight men carried the goddess sedan chair of their mother on Zhongmiao Street. They mainly traveled around Zhongmiao Street. Eight or ten handsome women sedan chairs were selected. Four of them carried four purple gold medals with the words "silence", "avoidance" and the head of dragon and tiger, followed by eighteen colored silk flags, followed by knives, guns, swords and halberds. Eighteen weapons, axes and hammers? Half a pair of cave drivers? Snow, the front is two gongs, two people raise one side, while walking and knocking to show the opening. In front of the sedan chair, there are two basins of burning firewood and charcoal braziers. They also lift one basin and spray vinegar one time along the way to dispel pathogens and diseases. After a tour of the street, the sedan chair was placed in front of the temple gate for people to look at. During the temple fair, we have to sing operas. From afternoon to evening, the nearby villagers come to see the opera. They keep coming and going day and night. They also play acrobatics, measure words and look at pictures, and sell food and drink in an endless stream. Fireworks are set off in the evening, which is very lively.








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