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Safety Satisfaction "Double Promotion" and Training Activities of Anti-black and Anti-evil

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On the afternoon of July 24, Chaohu City Woniushan Street launched the seventh phase of the "double promotion" of security satisfaction and special training activities on combating blacks and evil. A total of 60 citizens from the jurisdiction were invited to participate in the activities.

In the activities, the judicial office interpreted the case law, introducing the identification, identification, handling, litigation and compensation of a traffic accident to the public, and the sleeping bull police station introduced fire prevention, indoor theft prevention and battery car theft prevention to the public in view of the recent hot weather season characteristics. The method of theft reminds the citizens to strengthen their awareness of safety and protection; Xihe Street Community Comprehensive Management Specialist learns the questionnaire of the satisfaction degree of the masses'security; and the Street Comprehensive Management Office interacts with the citizens in the form of question-and-answer. At the event site, a letter to the participants, a questionnaire on security satisfaction and souvenirs were also distributed.

_Through this publicity campaign, the aim is to guide the public to actively participate in the construction of peace, and further enhance the awareness rate of anti-crime and security satisfaction in Woniushan Street. (Wang Wei)








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