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Huchao gong Liu

Chaohu, please understand my special courtesy to you.

Chaohu, please forgive me for typing your name upside down.

This is by no means a naughty prank.

Nor is it the unreasonable harassment of a reckless man.

Only for you to refuse to trickle, not too small,

For length, length and length, twenty-eight strands

The River builds up its nest.

And the rare swallow fish proves it even more.——

Bird's nest can also be used as fish's nest.

The sailors and the sailors teased the 500-mile waves.

Zheng, Zhouzhi and waist basin flapped their wings and laughed together.

And you are the nest of the wind and the nest of the waves.

What a brave school with tides!

About your myths and legends,

Hold high the backbone and brain of the Chinese nation!

Once the flood peaks of the Three Gorges have been washed down,

You immediately go up and open your strong stomach sac.

Swallowing sorrow and alarm for the dear mother of the Yangtze River,

Like a filial calf,

Days and nights ruminate nine schools of Tao from Jingxiang, Bashu.

Chaohu Lake, that's all.

I should have shouted hello to you, too!

It was your actions that inspired me.

What is broad and noble?

If you are a capitalist,

What kind of mind and embrace is needed!








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