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Chaohu Fu Wang Guixia

Huo Huo, billowing waves 1000, swallowing Wu Chu; soup soup, the vast water eight hundred miles, embracing the nest. Hundreds of millions of years of immersion, historically known as Chaohu Lake, like a peculiar bird bun; thousands of generations of admiration, people Yunjiao Lake, sacrifice their lives to save the people of an old woman. Jiao Grandma's virtue, Shuli dare forget? Jiao Grandma's wind, mountains and rivers are long!

Lao Lao inherits the willow color of Dongting Lake and the smoke of Taihu Lake. Beinafei and Nantong rivers and seas. Not refuse to trickle, river channel and harbor branches lingering in the jade belt; symbiotic, fish, lobster and turtle from the golden wave. Pillow four top, pull lonely grandmother, including two tortoises, morning cattle. The distant mountains are green and sprinkled with blue, and the nearest peaks are beautifully decorated.

Spring breeze and Jinglang, like blue, gull egrets flying, sails racing, beach perched with green onions, all the embankment reed leaves shaking green; autumn to water mirror bright, wave shadows, lotus root fragrance, fishing boat singing late, the sky wide cold and quiet, Lake moonlight melting brilliant. Qingluo Grandma Mountain Island, such as the Pearl landing, mistook Penglai; the Great Guanwen Peak Pagoda next to the sky, with its rich culture and ancient simplicity. The red walls and blue tiles of the Hanzhong Temple are dangerously reflected in Cuiwei. They depict the eaves of dragons and phoenixes for Taoists. The Jade Qionglou of the Saint Princess Temple, floating in Qinglang according to the mountain situation, is the temple where Buddhists participate in Buddhist meditation. Fragrant clouds, candlelight dazzling; Sanskrit sounds, bells and drums noisy. Good men and women flock to us; worship and worship each other.

The "Ten Scenes of the Ancient Nest" shines brightly on the moon and shines brilliantly in the past and in the present. The mysterious city of Tangzui attracts the world's attention; the magnificent ancient tomb of the Western Han Dynasty stirs up the mood of tourists. * Lingjia beach exposes prehistoric civilization, Chu Ge Ling engraving Chu Han, vicissitudes of life, moistens the bridge to float the Three Kingdoms smoke, the ancient boat pond displays the Yuan Ming wind and cloud. Wang Qiaodong observes Buddhist carving art, Zhaozhong Temple reappears Huaijun culture, releases Wang Gang to warn the way of rise and fall, and enlightens the heart of purity and turbidity by washing ear pools.

The white clouds on the lake are long and the lakeside springs are quiet. Famous caves with exotic flowers, anecdotes and anecdotes, deduce the charm of thousands of years; elegant voice, talent of human feelings, stretch the soul-stirring temperament. Competition to attract heroes from all sides to bend down, always makes the world Yin travel intoxicated. Luo Yin wrote poems and Shi Tao painted; Jiang Baishi sang "a pool of spring water hiding from Cao", and Li Tianfu sighed "it makes people not remember the south of the Yangtze River". Guo Moruo sang "Golden Wave Li" and Li Huanzhi composed "Good Scenery".

Chinese people like to call freshwater lake, while nesters call Mother Lake directly. Mother is beautiful, warm and simple. Mother is industrious, kind and generous. Give richness, happiness, milk, sweet licks. Raise my father, my fellow countrymen, and my benevolent and lofty men. Fan Zeng and Zhou Yusheng broadcast Xiaohan, Kenong and Zhizhong are well-known in history. Mothers are proud, sisters are wealth.

Ouch! Chaohu Lake is indeed the Qihu Lake of China, the more beautiful it is over the millennium; Chaohu Lake is indeed the holy vein of one side, evergreen and evergreen through all ages!

Shaking the resort, folding the prose and laying the prose; Dream pen to express feelings, dare to despise wholeheartedly?

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