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Lu Banqiao Gifted Creative Flower Fish

Lu Ban was a skilled craftsman in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. He was also the legendary father of carpenters. On his journey around the north and south, he saw a stone bridge being built on a river in Sichuan. Zhao Zhangmo, who was in charge of bridge construction, was proud and careless. Because of design mistakes, the bridge body could not be closed. Lu Ban found the crux, chiseled a stone and gave it to Cui Er, a poor girl who was about to marry but had no dowry. At the critical moment when the stone bridge could not be closed, Cui Er donated the stone. The bridge was built and Cui Er had her dowry. When building a temple somewhere in the south of the Yangtze River, it is stipulated that yellow wattle trees should be used as main beams and cinnabar stones as pavilions. But the trunk of the existing yellow wattle is too short to be standard, and cinnabar is too heavy to lift. Zhang Zhangmo, the master in charge of temple building, was worried about this. Lu Ban invented the good methods of "fish lifting beam" and "earth pile pavilion", which made the temple Pavilion finally built. Lu Ban went to the capital again and learned that the emperor was going to build four corner towers in the city. Each corner must have nine beams, eighteen columns and seventy-two ridges. Many palm Mohists were killed for their powerlessness. When the young Master Li Zhangmo was helpless, Lu Ban finished the design of the corner building after several days and nights of meditation. He asked a girl named Qiaoer to make a scorpion cage with wheat straw according to the design size and give it to Master Li Zhangmo. The structure of the cage was exactly nine beams, eighteen columns and seventy-two ridges. Inspired by this, Master Li Zhangmo built the corner building.








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