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Xiaobailong falls into Chaozhou

Legend has it that in ancient times, Chaohu Lake is now located in ancient Chaozhou.

There were no lakes, but hilly hills.

Farmers living here plow on barren land without lakes and dams to store water or rivers and ditches to divert water for irrigation.

In a year of good weather, we can still harvest some grain, barely survive; in a drought year, we will seriously reduce production, or even no grain harvest.

Even so, the local bully landlord "Huang Batian" has to come to the door to ask for rent and food, forcing debts to collect money. People often live a life of "half a year's grain of bran vegetable".

At that time, how we all looked forward to water!

Water is the symbol of life, and water is the source of food and clothing.

One year, Chaozhou encountered a severe drought. In more than 200 days, it had not rained a drop. The fields were dry and cracked. The crops were yellow and the drinking water for human beings and animals was difficult.

In one village, there was only one well. When the villagers went to fetch water, they found many snakes swimming in the well. Because there was no water everywhere, the snakes were so thirsty that they swam to the well to absorb water.

Drought seriously threatens the lives of hundreds of miles and millions of people.

People flocked to the temple to burn incense for rain.

The hills and fields in front and behind the temple were filled with hungry and thirsty people on their knees. They kept kowtowing and praying, but the sun was still burning and the sky was clear.

People were desperate and many were in tears.

At this time, the Little White Dragon in the East China Sea traveled through Chaozhou, looking at the terrible drought in the area, his heart was very sad.

He knew it was a disaster in this area arranged by the Jade Emperor, but he could not bear that so many people were killed by the drought.

So he took the risk and quickly summoned Fengbo, Rain Master, Leigong and Electric Mother to give the order of immediate rain.

The rain master dared not violate his orders, so he took action one after another. Suddenly, the sky of Chaozhou was lightning and thunder, the wind roared, and the rain poured down in a flash.

Kneeling on the ground, people jumped up, cheered and jumped, although one by one drenched like "drowned chicken", but still excitedly running, shouting.

The heavy rain lasted two hours and the drought was completely relieved.

Little White Dragon saw all this in the clouds, happy and worried, because he knew that the heavy rain saved millions of lives, but he may be severely punished.

Sure enough, the matter caused the anger of the Jade Emperor, and then ordered Tianbing Tian to shoot down the little white dragon with a divine whip on the charge of "raining without authorization, violating the rules of heaven".

The people of Chaozhou, who were running in cheers, suddenly heard a loud noise. A white dragon fell from the sky and fell heavily on the barren beach.

At this time, Little White Dragon is dying.

Rain seekers soon gathered around Little White Dragon.

Out of the crowd came Grandma Jiao and her daughter.

Grandma Jiao asked Little White Dragon: Did you direct the heavy rain to fall? Little White Dragon nodded hard.

Grandma Jiao asked again: You were punished by God for that, weren't you? Little White Dragon nodded again and then closed his eyes.

People were moved to tears, Jiao Grandma was crying bitterly, she cried out: "Respected little white dragon, you have suffered such a disaster for our common people, our children and grandchildren should bear in mind your kindness!"

Suddenly, a group of people came.

They severely separated the crowd and grabbed Little White Dragon's face. As everyone saw, it was the "Huang Batian" family and their fox dog party.

Originally, "Huang Batian" heard that the little white dragon fell on the barren beach, and that eating the dragon meat would make him immortal, so he was overjoyed and hurried to call his group, with sharp knives and forks, to the barren beach.

When these gangsters saw the dying little white dragon, they could not help saying that, with one knife, I stripped the dragon meat of the little white dragon with one fork, leaving only a section of keel and a piece of broken keel.

Everyone saw the "Huang Ba Tian" group so cruel, they were extremely angry, but deterred by the "Huang Ba Tian" lewd authority, and dared not say angry.

They left slowly, sad and angry.

At night, Jiao Grandma and her daughter came to the barren beach, pieced together the bones of Little White Dragon, wrapped them in Dragon skins, wrapped them in straw ropes and carried them to Bailong Pond, where they were buried in the rippling water.

This Bailongtan is the place where Xiaobailong practiced immortality.

When the Dragon skin and keel contact with the pool water, it has produced vigorous vitality.

Soon, Xiao Bailong was moistened by the pool water, died and resurrected, and drove back to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea.

Shortly afterwards, Little White Dragon heard that the Jade Emperor had decided to sink Chaozhou into a lake to provide water for hundreds of miles around.

He first thought of Grandma Jiao and the villagers there. He thought that they would die when they were trapped in Chaozhou.

So he risked the risk of "outdoor ventilator" again and turned into a white-clothed teenager. Late at night, he came to Jiao Grandma's house and told her about the lake trap. He said, "There is a stone turtle in the east gate of the city. If its eyes turn red, Chaozhou will fall. You and your fellow countrymen should leave as soon as possible."

After that, it turned into a light breeze and drifted away.

From then on, Grandma Jiao went to see the eyes of stone turtles every day.

One day, the stone turtle's eyes turned red.

Grandma Jiao and her daughter hurriedly separated to tell the villagers to move quickly.

The vast majority of Chaozhou residents believe Jiao Grandma's words and help the elderly and children to leave Chaozhou to take refuge in high-lying relatives and friends; but there are a few people who do not believe it, or can not afford to abandon their rural houses and stay put.

Jiao Grandma tried hard to persuade them to leave quickly. When Grandma Jiao and her family finally left Chaozhou, they saw the Huang Batian family still drinking and having fun.

Grandma looked at them in disgust and hurried with her daughter.

In the middle of the march, there was a loud noise, and the whole city and countryside of Chaozhou fell more than ten feet deep. With the flood surging from east to west, the waves rolled over and the turbid waves emptied, and Chaozhou was submerged. The "Huang Batian" group was swept into the abyss of ten thousand feet.

The villagers did not suffer because of their early departure, but Grandma Jiao and her daughter had time to escape in the future. In a twinkling of an eye, the flood overtook them, washed them away, and swept them into the waves one after another.

They sacrificed their lives in order to save their countrymen. This spirit of sacrificing oneself for others touched the world.

Jiao Grandma's body turned into Grandma Mountain, Jiao Gu's body turned into Gu Mountain, Jiao Grandma's shoes turned into shoe mountain at the foot of Grandma Mountain.

In order to commemorate them, people call Chaohu Lake Jiaohu. Grandma Fengjiao is the God of the lake, building temples and offering sacrifices.

Every year around the valley rain, the water surface of Chaohu Lake is covered with white clouds at the head of Gushan Mountain. There is a white dragon-shaped thing in the clouds. It is said that the little white dragon came to Chaohu Lake to hang her mother and daughter by scorching.








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